"In one of the most-buzzed about booths,
Rosen's works became instant crowd favorites,
offering many the perfect excuse for a selfie"


"Rosen's creative concept makes
a forceful first impression


"(Rosen's) installation gives you plenty of
room to contemplate just what it is that
separates people — and holds us together"


"Artist Jonathan Rosen takes the now-ubiquitous
'art selfie' to its natural conclusion"


"Rosen provided his audience with an inviolable zone to be human and built a conceptual framework around unique pieces of work that never self-reference."


"A powerful way to express emotion
and feelings through art"


"Gritty and witty"


"(Rosen's) mirror art took social media by storm"


"Rosen, one of the hits of this year’s SPRING/BREAK Art Show, has again created a selfie-ready mirror artwork, with each photograph capturing one of a constant stream of adjectives (that explores) 'how we see our body and acceptance of our body,' "


"Rosen creates work that is at once
personal and universally accessible"

"A powerful display of organized chaos and
there's a captivating message at the
exhibition core: do not be afraid to say
what you want - and then pursue it"


"It comes as no surprise that
Rosen's art is informed by the power that words,
typography and visuals hold over the viewer"


"Best Art Selfies at Armory Week"


"Rosen is responsible for arguably the show’s most ingenious series...(he) is not so much criticizing (technology's) ubiquity as making sure we’re aware, in a form that is both overwhelming and enthralling."


"Rosen allows selfie photos to talk back to their makers."


" 'Love is the answer', John Lennon told us,
New York artist Jonathan Rosen knows this
to be true, and he's spreading the word
through his bold and empathic artwork


"The juxtaposition of the positive and negative space in each work embodies the tension that exists between desire and conformity, fantasy and reality"


"Rosen's interactive mirror allows (people)
to reflect and celebrate different aspects of
their bodies without limit or judgment."


"Instead of fighting the fact that viewers love to
photograph themselves (Rosen's) piece actually
demands it,
(creating) private affirmations for the viewer"


"Karl Likes: I WANT TO DREAM"


"Most of us would probably admit that we are, perhaps, not quite as happy, busy, popular, adventurous, talented and/or organized as our digital profiles would indicate. Unfortunately, as Mr. Rosen points out in his work, the deception is not always so benign."



"Rosen believes that in order for dreams to become reality they must first be articulated, and Walking on Clouds articulates dreams you may not even have realized you held."


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